Saskatchewan has never seen anything like it – The Village at Crossmount is designed
for active older adults who prefer the peace and quiet of country life,
while maintaining easy access to city amenities.

Located close to Saskatoon, we often like to say:

“It’s like living with one foot in the country and the other in the city”.

What Sets Us Apart

Room to Breathe

Crossmount is the landscapes you love: prairie fields and aspen bluffs, country gardens and walking paths, fresh air and endless horizons. And something unexpected … a new Saskatchewan orchard.

Choice of Accommodations

Match our accommodations to your lifestyle. A variety of housing styles are currently available including detached orchard homes and semi-detached or detached country cottages. Individualized apartment-style residences are currently in the planning and design stage. These, along with enhanced residential suites, will be available in the near future. All accommodations will boast lovely views and “concierge-style” service will be available for those who desire it.

Continuum Of Care

Crossmount is driven by a continuum of care philosophy so you can feel assured that ageing in place is a reality here, regardless of changes in your health status. At Crossmount we are committed to keeping couples together and keeping people in their homes as long as possible.  We hope residents will remain active, invigorated, engaged and healthy.  If health needs do change, the campus of care available on site, means you can stay within your community as long as you choose.

Wellness Centre

The heart of the village is the Wellness Centre, specifically serving the needs of older adults. Open to residents and visitors, this premiere health facility encompasses and supports the physical, mental and social needs of all who stop by while maintaining a customer oriented philosophy.


Planned amenities within the village include a restaurant, lounge and coffee shop. Located within the Wellness Centre, the spa will offer a variety of services ranging from hair and nails to therapeutic massage, as well as a fitness area and gym. For those who enjoy reading, the residents’ library will provide a quiet place to access books and news materials, while those who like to tinker will find themselves spending time at Roy’s Place, an onsite shop and garage where socializing over a cup of hot coffee or an ice cold drink will be encouraged. And, if that isn’t enough, there is always The Glen.


Crossmount plans to incorporate green principles because it’s the right thing to do. From planned solar energy options to the treatment and recycling of waste water to our own community-wide recycling program, Crossmount’s philosophy attempts to minimize our footprint on the environment. Our site plan also embraces this philosophy as the entire project has been designed around existing trees and bluffs, keeping disruption of the natural landscape to a minimum while utilizing existing elements as features wherever possible.

Accessibility – everything Saskatoon has to offer is just minutes away

The Perfect Location

You’re just 5 kilometres (3 miles) south on Lorne Avenue where a drive of less than 20 minutes will take you to golf courses, shopping, movie theaters or live theatre, art galleries, downtown Saskatoon, River Landing, Broadway Avenue, the Royal University Hospital, the University of Saskatchewan, Innovation Place, and Credit Union Centre.

As well, should you choose to go a bit further, some of the best fishing Canada has to offer is only a few hours away.


Get In Touch With Us

Interested in learning more about Crossmount?

We are currently booking appointments in our Saskatoon showroom where we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about Crossmount.

In order to book an appointment please use this form to send us your phone number and email address and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.